Disability services in kosovo

Academic Counseling and Disability Services

Aside from the wonderful relationships I built, the homestay also allowed me to merge my academic and personal life. Ahmet Kryeziu, Country Director of Save the Children in Kosovo stated that collaborations of the like are more than necessary in ensuring that every child in Kosovo enjoys the right to survival, protection, education, development, and participation.

Two other criteria are currently used in the evaluation of social services: Under the guidance of experienced journalists working in the Balkans for local, regional, and foreign media, you will learn how to do the following: Increase of financial investments for the inclusion of children with disabilities.

Services Ensure the sustainability of services provided by the public and NGO sector for children victims of violence, exploitation and trafficking.

Under the guidance of experienced journalists working in the Balkans for local, regional, and foreign media, you will learn how to do the following: Although over 19, temporary staff were employed for the elections, just 0. Students are also introduced to the Cyrillic script.

There is a lack of accurate data on children with disabilities in Kosovo, however, it is estimated that 45, children in Kosovo have a disability aged Accountability Create external and independent inspection mechanisms to review the quality of service provision and administer licensing.

The seminar prepares students to record, interpret, and analyze information from primary sources, developing students' awareness of cultural differences and their own positionality.

Establishment, sponsoring and developing of national wide state services provided by the state and private providers, in response to the increasing needs of children victims of drug abuse and their families.

He is currently working as an information officer at the Info Park Project, a Belgrade-based organization assisting refugees and migrants on the Balkan route.

Guarantee the quality health services for children with disabilities through regular provision of essential medicines, supplies and equipment needed for these children.

Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo

There, she joined the Committee to Protect Journalists, collecting data on reporters in trouble with Serbian authorities. Students will also contribute to Reporting Balkans and cover the scenes, people, and issues of this region.

Social services

Social exclusion — People with disabilities often do not have access to public spaces because of physical barriers, and often cannot participate in political decision-making, meaning that their voices are not heard and their needs are overlooked. The panel was composed of the Prime Minister of Kosovo Mr.

She is a conflict-related sexual violence coordinator at UN Women. Sincehe has worked on projects and attended trainings with human rights and minority rights organizations from Serbia and abroad.

The reasons are multiple: Establish a free, national level hotline designed with and for children which receives phone calls and offers support, counseling and networking for children. The physical process was eye-opening enough, but electoral officials were most surprised to learn how negative attitudes toward PwD can influence their decision not to vote.


Next, to empower members of organizations working with PwD to raise their voices, USAID supported advocacy training workshops for representatives of local organizations for persons with physical, visual, hearing and intellectual disabilities. Accountability — Service providers are financially and organizationally transparent.

Amendment of Family Law, to prohibit adoption of children by persons who have been involved in unlawful acts in obtaining or bringing a child for the purpose of adoption. He has been a program assistant with SIT Balkans since COD Kosovo team is constantly working on the improvement of live conditions of persons with disabilities through consultation process with beneficiaries, authorities and donor community.

The homestay experience was the cornerstone of the Balkans program. The aim of the internship is to enable the student to gain valuable work experience and to enhance their skills in an international work environment.

In addition to two introductory modules on the context of fieldwork in the Balkans and the role of positionality and representation in a post-conflict environment, the course includes modules on journalism ethics and skills and the story pitch.

It is recommended that Kosovo amend the Law on Material Support to Families of Children with Disabilities in order to ensure comprehensive protection for all types of disability, including children with partial disabilities.

Their work was presented to the public by the disability rights NGO HandiKos, on the International Day of People with Disabilities, following a march by disability rights activists through the center of Prishtina. Disability Rights in the Western Balkans November Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Turkey.

Common challenges. People with disabilities in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe experience many common challenges. With the exception of Turkey, the services, persons with disabilities typically had to.

To request disability-related accommodations once admitted, you should contact the Office of Disability Services. For more information about the accommodation process, documentation guidelines and a link to the accommodation request form, please visit the Office of Disability Services website.

1 The Kosovo Pension Reform: Achievements and Lessons John Gubbels David Snelbecker Lena Zezulin * April * John Gubbels was an independent pensions consultant at the time of the Kosovo.


Disability services in kosovo
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Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans