P4 explain two theories of aging

By doing so, this will produce more effective methods for connecting with this increasing important target market. Hurd, R Aging changes in hormone production, https: The activity theory of aging is the theory that there is a positive relationship between satisfaction and a persons level of activity.

These are just a few of the many research propositions that deserve investigation. Explain two theories of ageing Aging is a topic that has been studied on multiple times over the years to analyse any factors which contribute to the process. Evaluate the influence of two major of ageing on health and social care provision.

P4 – Explain two theories of ageing

It is important for a person to have a support system when they are going through anything in life but especially when they are elder as their self-esteem and self-confidence has deteriorated. They might be suffering from a long time problem but chooses to deal it with themselves instead of getting help.

All of these aspects are extremely important for elderly people to keep mentally and physically healthy.


Also, people continue to educate themselves after they have finished formal schooling through a variety of life experiences. Cumming and Henry disengagement theory has posed some problems for health professions as the health care system is put in place to help everyone in need and by people like patient B not getting help this stops the system from being effective as it meant to be.

Can you estimate the latitude of MH at During the aging process, the elderly may take different approaches to aging and may apply to different theories of aging such as the disengagement theory and the activity theory. This form of arthritis often develops in people over the age of 50, It usually happens with age, but it can also result from joint injuries or obesity which puts extra stress on our joints.

If physiological changes can directly affect the motivational variable in the ELM, then motivation becomes a function of personal relevance and unique individual characteristics.

P4: Explain two theories of ageing

The series consists of three episodes, sort of an extended pilot or shortened mini-series that has the potential to be extended. Health care practices will have a hard time with patient B as they may not realise they need help until it is too late, in which care professionals will have to work harder as elderly people can be seen as more vulnerable.

They are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Michael was married to Lisa Marie Presley in Older adult attitudes developed through advertising messages may be more transient than those of younger adults due to lower levels of cognitive functioning.

Older people however need to remain socially active to avoid becoming socially isolated from the world, therefore they need to be educated to abandon bad attitudes and fixed habits. Many tissues within our body lose mass as we age, our organs also begin to lose its functions and the main organs that begin to change are the kidneys, heart and lungs.

Due to lower levels of need for cognition, older adults may be more likely than younger adults to use peripheral cues in a central manner to reduce demands on their processing capacity resources. Women left the important jobs especially all the lower level work to the men, and chose supporting roles, with the big picture and the community in mind.

Patient B will usually require more help as patient A is usually an out-patient. One of the earliest theories of aging – Cumming & Henry () Views ageing as a process of gradual withdrawal between society and the older adult.

According to this theory, disengagement benefits both the older population and the social system. Jun 18,  · P4: Explain two theories of ageing. Aging is a topic that has been studied on multiple times over the years to analyse any factors which contribute to the process. P4: to describe two theories of ageing –disengagement and activity P5 – Describe physical and psychological changes due to the ageing process.

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Feb 20,  · P4 – Explain two theories of ageing. February 20, February 22, For example, aging, a form of ego change, causes knowledge and skill to deteriorate.

Theories of Aging: An Ever-Evolving Field

However, success in an industrialized society demands certain knowledge and skill. Explain the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the.

Mar 18,  · P4: Explain two theories on ageing.

P4, M2, D2-Explain two theories of ageing?

Social disengagement: Inthe first theory of ageing was formulated by Cumming and Henry. According to them “aging is an inevitable, mutual withdrawal or disengagement, resulting in decreased interaction between the aging person and others in the social system he belongs to”.

P4 explain two theories of aging
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